Friday, 15 October 2010

South Goa in two weeks

We've now spent a week in Agonda, followed by a week in Patnem - both quiet little places either side of Palolem.  Tomorrow we're planning to head up north, although we're mildly sceptical as we've heard it's quite busy up there.  Still, we're up for checking out the region, and if Arumbol is too busy, we'll explore!  I'm feeling a bit rough today as somehow I have a cold(!), but I'll throw done a bit of detail as it comes to mind. 

These two weeks have mainly been spent checking out lots of local places to eat, avoiding rain spells, getting some sun on the beach and zipping around on scooters, avoiding cows.  We've made it to a local wildlife reserve, where we saw some monkeys and lots of crabs in the forest!  (Fortunately we didn't spot any bears, deer or wild cats as the sign claimed - on foot doesn't seen the best method for that kind of exploration!) 

The place we've been staying this past week is set in a grove of palm trees next to the beach in Patnem - really chilled out.  You get used to the frequent power cuts, cats climbing trees like monkeys, dogs, chicken and cows everywhere, although maybe not the mosquitos!  They've been busily building a bar/restaurant where we're staying, as well as loads of beach huts, which all looks amazing.  It's surprising to see how most of the tourist accommodation, shops and food & drink venues are literally built at the start of the season.

Tim and I have been liking the cheap local places to eat and hang out, such as tiny thali places (big plate of rice with fish/veg, curry, salsa etc, usually 40R/60p), the local chai shop and a recent discovery, fast food vans that do a spicy omelette roll for 20R!  Just about to raid more of their menu for lunch!  Catch you later

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