Monday, 25 October 2010

North Goa, a mission from down South

We've been in Arumbol, North Goa for over a week now and it's been a funny one - a mix between really loving the little apartment we're in, enjoying being able to do some cooking (we had a crazy mission buying a little kerosene stove last week; surprisingly user friendly!), and being frustrated by sudden downpours of rain.  It always seems to happen just as we're going out, bit uncanny!  So the tans we were looking forward to working on have faded a bit, and the cute little beach we're right next to has not seen as much sunbathing action as it might!  (Today was an improvement though!!)

Saturday before last we had a bit of a shock getting an autorickshaw at 5:30am, to get our train up here.  But we were very chuffed with the breakfast we had packed (banana bread and samosas!).  We'd just put away a samosa when a train turned up earlier than expected.  We were a bit confused generally, and when we'd got it together enough to ask if it was the train we wanted it had started moving and we needed to be several coaches down.  So I ran, jumped at a door and hoped for the best.  Unfortunately though, my bag wasn't over both shoulders so I just flailed whilst two very kind men pulled me on!  Tim made it look much easier!  (I felt even more of an arse when I found out the train was half hourly!)

When we reached Arumbol, I went on a mission and found the place we're staying.  Amazing view over the rocky coastline, and really cheep.  Also, hardly any mosquitos, loads of geckos and a bakery nearby that does the most intense chocolate brownies and croissants!!  It's taking great restraint not to eat them all!  All up the main street are shops/stalls selling generic hippy fare, it's a bit weary being constantly asked to 'look, buy something'.  We're planning to check out some markets on Wed, so any shopping will be attempted then!  We've had a scooter a couple of days and checked out the surrounding areas, but nowhere's appealing massively.  The loose plan is to head inland in a few days.  Hampi, I understand, is a good spot on the tourist route..

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