Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pretty Thai islands

Getting ready to leave Thailand, and head down to Malaysia.  30hr journey to Kuala Lumpar, appealing!  Oh welll, although it's sad to be leaving Katt & Tim's sister Yasmine, we have some ground to cover.. we should be in Australia in about a week!

The last couple of weeks we've been doing little on Koh Tao.  It's an island that revolves around diving, everyone dives.  So we got involved; I dived a couple of days and Tim learnt to free dive (hold your breath & go for it!).  Very cool seeing as he snorkeled for the first time a month ago.  Katt's thing here is flying trapeze.  She's training most days, & looks pretty great already.  I had a go...reluctantly!  Yasmine's sticking around to master her back flip!

Before Koh Tao we checked out Phi Phi, which is a beautiful island.  More great diving and snorkeling - lots of fun in the sea!

I'll miss the excellent cheap massages, good thai food, a currency that I've just about got the hang of, & some great friends.  But there's packing to do, & a boat, minibus & bus combo to catch.  & we need to start looking for jobs in New Zealand soon!

Love to all, over & out x

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