Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tim's eye view

Ok, gonna throw things out a bit and put a little male perspective on things so far.
Hit India some time ago, well the 2 places in India that aren't real India, that's Mumbai and Goa. It was cool, I think I like it but can't be sure. Stayed there for a while and saw some stuff then flew to Thailand.

Thailand is nothing like how I imagined, for a start it's built up, and in many places they use concrete and cement and bricks, stuff like that, not bamboo and rags, coming from India it looked High tech and sofisticated, compared to England it's unimaginable. They've got a road system here that they don't dig up every week, they just leave it alone because it works and in Bangkok they've created a whole street especially designed to attract Tossers so that they aren't wandering the city causing trouble.

Laos is different again, didn't see a lot of it but I liked what was there. We were in South Laos and it was a world apart from tourist Thailand, the locals are aware that these white people come into their country and pay money to live in a crappy wooden shack but  I don't think they've quite grasped exploitation yet so it's a good place to stay from a stingy guys point of view.

On a border run tomorrow, to extend our visas once more, hopefully the last one then out of Thailand to see some other places..

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