Thursday, 31 March 2011

Back to the 9-5.. of the good things about having a relatively short term job, with relatively low expectation is that no one will notice a sly half hour spent on an overdue blog!  Especially on a Friday afternoon. 

It's taken a while to get things together in Auckland.  The odd thing about it is that it looks and feels a lot like home, but with none of the normal things, like friends at pubs.  Saying that, there are weird differences, like the fact that our clocks go back this weekend, and therefore winter's coming.  (Our timing's been a bit out there!) 

The usual fun of job hunting(!) has eventually come good, after a few weeks of knocking around the house, cooking everything in sight (apart from the baby) and taking it out on Tim.  Now we both have jobs, and have quickly remembered how lucky we've been being bums full time for 5 months!

Tim's working for vodafone, taking alarmingly few telephone calls about pay-as-you-go packages.  I'm holed up in Auckland council, collecting land rates.  I know it sounds dull, but it's fine, the people are friendly & I seem to've already collected a few gold stars.  A pretty easy way to stash some funds for the next leg.

We're hoping to get hold of a camper van, do it up and head off around NZ.  The only problem is the afore-mentioned timing - we may end up doing that in the middle of winter!  Some big coats are on the 'to-buy' list.  But nevermind.  I'm looking forward to properly checking out the country, snow or no snow!

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