Thursday, 19 May 2011

Oh I remember now..I have a blog!

Haha, what happened to the last couple of months?!  I've been in Auckland, getting up at 7 for work, & watching the autumn slowly becoming winter.  Can't complain though, as we've been following the sun around for a good year!

Managed to get out of touch with people a bit of late, which is perhaps an inevitable result of being on the other side of the planet.  Any updates, via email or facebook or messages in bottles, greatly appreciated :)

We've covered little ground since I last wrote, but the bank balances are looking a bit healthier now.  For me, I'm half way through what's turned into a 3 month contract at Auckland Council.  I'm taking a break from phoning people who owe us rates, as we speak!  I don't mind it - my manager's pretty laid back & the atmosphere is fairly relaxed here.  I have a nice colour coded spreadsheet, & a nice collection of envelopes.

Tim's working for a chaotic insurance firm, trying to work out who should be dealing with the backlog of claims.  Following the Christchurch earthquakes, I think insurance firms all over NZ are in similar situations.  I don't fancy his job, but he doesn't seem to mind it!

I found a kickboxing class, & as a result, Frankie & Kyle.  They're an English couple, who now pretty much are our social life.  Tonight after work we're getting the ferry to Waiheke Island for Frankie's birthday weekend.  Waiheke is famous for it's vineyards, so there should be quite a lot of wine 'tasting' involved..

Tim & I have been going to kickboxing and the gym a bit, & have rectified most of the damage done by months of curry & fried rice!  I actually took one class the other day, which was a first for me.  Possibility of doing a bit more teaching..

We're starting to sort out the next moves, which should entail getting hold of a campervan and taking it around NZ for a couple of months.  That might be August/September.  Until then, a bit more work, a few mini adventures to the outskirts of Auckland, a bit more kicking of things... :)


  1. Kick things! No, harder! HARDER! Kick it like you mean it, Felicity.

  2. Sound advice. I shall kick some stuff straight away. May wait till I get out of the office, but not necessarily :)