Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Soon to be travel blog again..

Hi blog.  & obviously, hi to any persistent checkers of this page!  I'll wait till I get on here again to make any promises of regular updates!

The whirlwind update of recent highlights definitely has to focus around the 10 days I had on the South Island with Katt (mid August), & the weekend we spent on Great Barrier Island with Tim just before that.  New Zealand is truly stunning, as I suspected it was.  The Barrier was lovely; very few people, windy roads between meadows/forests/mountains/beaches.  Lovely walks & beautiful views.  & the South Island was very much the same, only with more snow!  Oh, & lakes.  Gorgeous lakes with idyllic reflections of mountain ranges in them. 

If I've been anywhere I could imagine having a lovely relaxed life, it would be on the South Island of New Zealand.  Trying my hand at painting, probably keeping some chickens, & having children who could ski soon after they could walk.  & doing heaps of tramping.  (This, to us, is trekking.  Not the result of getting a bit stuck for cash or company on a Fri night)

Whilst working at the council I've met a few brits applying or intending to apply for residency here.  The main prerequisite is working in NZ for 18 months.  & it's been tempting, especially since getting out of the city.  If only New Zealand wasn't quite as far away as it's possible to be from home.  I've met people who maintain their closest relationships via Skype (which is excellent by the way, everyone should have a Skype account).  But I can't help finding something sad in that; I don't think I could handle not being able to see people face to face.  Maybe one day I'll regret not staying & keeping that option open for myself.  I suppose I could always marry a big Maori guy!

Tim finishes working next Friday, & then we have two weeks to drive around the North Island (where Auckland is) before returning the van to our flatmate Marco & flying off to Chile.  Chile, Peru, possibly elsewhere in South America & then back home via a weekend break in Amsterdam.  It will be good to get rid of the unnecessary stuff we've accumulated (ie office clothes) & get back in the backpack. 

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