Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hampi: ruins, boulders & stuff

I gather it's now Wed, & our last day at Hampi (overnight bus from Goa inland - crazy missions!)  It transpires you can get to anywhere in India for practically no money if you can handle long distance buses/trains, and have plenty of time on your side.  Having figured this out, I feel like I could happily spend months here, travelling about and eating local grub.  However, Thailand beckons in a couple of weeks.  We've done pretty well and managed to do most of Goa, and Hampi has been a good tip (thanks, Lilly!)  A couple more weeks to check out a bit more of India before we head on!

This place is massive ruins, monuments and big red bouldery landscape everywhere.  Also, heaps of palm trees and paddy fields where we're staying, so it's very beautiful.  Tim and I have fallen into a massive chill out here - I got a great 75min massage yesterday for about 9 pounds which was amazing!  Tempted to get one every few days!!  Still, the money goes much further on food (thalis, veggie curry (of course) and dosas, my new favourite thing, big savoury pancakes with coconut/potatoe curry dips). 

Tomorrow we're going to mission a couple of buses and head back to the coast, Gokarna, which is a hindu pilgrimage spot.  The festival of light, Diwali, is on 5th Nov, and apparently that will be a good thing to see.  hopefully we've picked a good spot for it!

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