Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tim has left me for a load of monks

What more is there to say?!  I'm temporarily going it alone whilst Tim gets stuck into 10 days of silent meditation.  I'm mildly terrified for his sanity, but he has promised to call me if it gets too bad..  Any spare positive vibes, please send his way!

Katt's in Bangkok on a massage course, and I'm nearby but sensibly back by the sea.  I'm going to get back under water tomorrow and do some diving.  It's been too long - I hope it comes back to me OK!  I met a nice American guy called Eric at the hostel I'm staying at who was conveniently also needed a dive buddy, so that's come together nicely!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Flis, thanks for the update, I do hope Tim does not 'find himself' as he might be disapointed. I also hope you got to go diving, I am very very jealous. Tell Tim he should now have all his 'car money' in his account.

    Look after him