Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Under the sea & all around some temples

It's nearly time to head down to Surat Thani, near the south islands, to meet Tim from his course.  I've been pretty manically busy since he headed down there, and a lot of ground has been covered. 

The first few days, in Pattaya (beach resort near Bangkok) I ended up doing 3 days' diving and snorkelling.  The best bit was a wreck dive which I haven't done before - really amazing.  Saw rays, camouflaged scorpion fish and a massive turtle.  I'm hoping to be able to do some more diving in the south, I've heard about some great spots.

Katt got a lift to Pattaya with two friends of hers in Bangkok, Neil & Kwan.  We all drove up to Ubon, in north west Thailand, where Kwan's family live.  We helped cut some rice, which was a cool experience (& pretty back breaking work!)  For them, it was a matter of some prestige to have farang, foreigners, helping with such lowly work.  Even if we did make a pigs' ear of it!

Neil then dropped Katt and I at the Cambodia border and we've been here for a few days.  In tourist style, we're at Siem Reap, checking out Angkor Wat.  Massive temples, in the abbreviated form!  & truly awesome.  Because of the timing, we haven't been able to do much else in Cambodia, which is a real shame because Cambodians seem like laid back, nice people.  It's horrible to ponder what happened here almost within my life time..

Tomorrow we get the bus back to Bangkok, and then travel on south.  I'm hoping to be back on a beach within a few days.. sorry, that's pretty insensitive isn't it?! xx

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  1. I AM YOUR CAMOUFLAGED SCORPION FISH!! All sounds like crazy fun ol' Flipster. I, on the other hand, have mainly been going to Hastings. Where they do not have cool temples or turtles or ... er ... rice. I think. I'm going to have a sherry now. Bob xx