Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A disturbing lack of trifle in Laos

Morning readers.  Or morning here, it's still last night with you so you're well behind.  You're missing out on a pleasant morning in Pakse, a nothingish town in south Laos.  I'm just glad that they have a reasonable internet connection here and sell toothpaste at 7:30 in the morning.  (Also managed to find Tim a couple of little Chrimbo presents, stationary mainly, but our needs are small!)

OK, so I've covered some serious miles since I last wrote.  I think I was in Cambodia about to go and meet Tim, post monestary.  That was a 24hr journey with Katt, through Bangkok and down to where the south party islands are.  I'm glad to report that his mental health seems to've been largely unaffected by the experience!  The main damage appears to be that he's now renounced mosquito repellent in favour of 'loving kindness'.  (Clearly he can't get away with calling me a hippy any more)

After that, Katt, Tim and I went to check out Ko Lanta, a little island south.  The rain has continued to follow us round even though the season should be well under way, & this put a bit of a downer on beach life.  Long story short, Tim and I decided to head to Laos earier than planned and Katt set off to Phi Phi, where she's been doing some big partying. 

Another 24hr+ journey (in the opposite direction for me) later, and we hit Don Det, one of '4000 islands' right in the south of the Mekong river.  The place claimed us for a week.  We've put in some serious hammock hours!  A bit of tubing out to tiny little sand dunes for a beer at sunset.  I've never found a place that was quite so horizontally chilled out.  Unfortunately, food handling seems to be one of the areas in which the good people of Don Det remain entirely relaxed, and as a result Tim and I both got a bit of food poisoning.  & although I've since tried to survive on cake from the organic veggie place, it came to a point yesterday when we just had to leave, or risk merging with the hammocks forever.

So, Christmas and all.  Feeling a touch odd being away from home, and unfortunately meeting back up with Katt hasn't worked out with the whole food poisoning fiasco.  We've decided to rent a couple of scooters with an american neighbour from the island, and check out some waterfalls and local towns.  I hope that I'll be able to get online at some point over Christmas, but if I'm not, a massive Merry Chrim to one and all.  Think I'll miss it a bit more than I expected!  Any spare trifle or mince pies, please send with my Mum & Dad who are coming out on the 29th (fingers crossed Heathrow is working now?!) xxx

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