Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Retreat to Bangkok, grazed but still kicking!

A very happy belated Christmas all round!  Ours was very nearly spent camping in the wilderness with no tent, but fortunately Father Christmas smiled down on us in the nick of time..!

As planned, we hired a couple of bikes the day before Christmas Eve with Nathan, our American neighbour from the island.  Banking on a fairly relaxed few days, we packed a little backpack and told the lady at the hire shop we'd probably be gone 3 days.  Some gorgeous waterfalls, a few minor accidents and a massive detour later, we were very lucky to make it to a town for Christmas Day (rather than being stuck out in the middle of nowhere, out of fuel, water, & range of presents!)  Fortunately Tim put his foot down in both senses, and insisted we stop driving along the mental dust track we had ended up on, and detour for civilsation. 

Christmas was very thankfully spent drinking Lao Lao & watching shit TV in a cumfy hotel room in Attapeu.  We met the only other westerners in town, a couple of Aussie girls, Mel & Sam, who were also on a motorbike tour and waiting for Sam's bike to be repaired.  Mel, in a fit of festive generosity, gave me a pair of trousers to replace my blood & mud stained ones.  There's not much you need for Christmas but that was massively appreciated!!

Unfortunately I've been suffering with an eye infection the last few days - contact lenses and dusty roads are not happy bed fellows - and this has proved quite debilitating.  Tim's been an excellent nurse!  So despite another stop at another gorgeous waterfall sight, we headed on back to Pakse, where we hired the bikes, ahead of the others. 

Next stop, back to Bangkok to meet up with Katt, and with Mum and Dad.  South Laos has been great, but we're up for a change again and hopefully the end of health related issues!  A very happy 2011 to everybody, big love, xx


  1. (this is Maggs not Steve, I'm just using his google account to be able to post this)

    hello my loves, I know you probably wont read this until after 13th but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Really, really hope you're having a great time, it sounds like you are!! (I have been following you but it wasn't until Steve told me it was easy to leave a message that I thought I would!!) Keep up the adventure (you're living the dream for all of us!!) Stay safe. Loads of love Maggs xxxx

  2. Hi Maggs!
    Thanks for the message! Yes, we're having an excellent time. Bit crazy in places but that was the idea (I think!!) Just had an excellent few weeks with Mum & Dad which no doubt you will hear about from them as well! Lots of love to you all, and happy birthday to Steve,
    Fliss xxx