Sunday, 16 January 2011

A holiday within a holiday. 30th in the sun!

Hello!  Here I am back in Bangkok, I'm 30 and it's 2011.  That's enough numbers for now.

The last few weeks Mum & Dad have been over visiting, & it feels a bit weird now they've gone home.  No doubt it's a bigger shock for them though.  We had a great few weeks..

New Year was mainly spent at their (pretty plush!) Bangkok hotel, & dipping a toe into the craziness of Khao San Road in full party mode.  Mum & Dad did a tour of the big buddha temples, which are all gold & shiny.

We spent a couple of nights in Pattaya, & braved a mini tour with Mum & Dad.  For those blissfully unaware of such things, you can hardly move for working girls in Pattaya.  People watching on the notorious 'Walking Street' throws up the most weird & wonderful sights.  Mum spent a while commentating on the half hearted attempts of a couple of girls on the nearest lamp post to get picked up.  We just about stopped her before she started offering tips.  & Dad fortunately gave up on any serious attempts to get souvenirs for my uncle Ian..!

The main destination was Koh Chang, a large island 'relatively' near Bangkok.  We spent about 10 nights there, sampling a few different beaches.  We drank, ate, sunbathed, dived & snorkelled.  My birthday was spent under water with lots of pretty fishes, & in a restaurant eating some tasty BBQ fishes...sorry.  Big shout out to Jen for shiny jewels she sent over.  Big shout out to Keith who should have been in Thailand with us & was missed!   Love ya both lots.

Oh, & now I have short hair again!  Despite the hippy awesomeness of the dreds, short is a more peaceful existence for me.  Or I'm having a 30s existential crisis, it's hard to say! 

Next, Tim & I meet up with his sister Yasmine, who arrives this very evening.  Then we have 10 days to get out of Thailand before our visas expire, during which time I'm hoping to dive with some sharks.. but don't worry, I'll avoid any hungry ones!!  Then down to Singapore & on to Australia.

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